Jan. 22nd, 2009

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These aren't bad enough to warrant their own post on [livejournal.com profile] customers_suck, but they're annoying.

- We do not accept the Quest card (food stamps). Arguing with me over it will not change anything.
- We do not sell stamps or money orders. Arguing with me over it will not change anything. I cannot pull either from my Sim Pockets.
- Yes, the Bic lighters are $1.99. Yes, that is quite high. No, you cannot have my lighter.
- Yes, the Marlboros are $4.29. If you buy two boxes, they are $3.89 each, but only if you buy two boxes. Learn to read.
- If you toss your credit card at me, I will toss it back.
- If you ask me for the winning lottery ticket, I will roll my eyes at you. I hear that more times a day than I care to count.
- Yes, we have coffee. It is directly under the large coffee sign.
- No, I don't know where *insert random address here* is. That does not make me stupid.
- No, I don't know when the buses run.
- Yes, that is my car. Yes, it is paid for. Yes, it is nice. No, it is not for sale.
- The newspaper box is not an ash can.
- Yes, I do have the authority to tell you you can't sell bootleg DVDs here. I'm the Assistant Manager. It's glamorous, I know, but try not to be dazzled.
- Yes, I am aware that you are the customer. However, you are still wrong.
- No, that is not Arabic my boss is speaking. No, he is not 'Eye-Racky'.
- Yes, I do speak Spanish. No, I'm not going to, unless it is to tell you that I can understand every damn word you've said about me.
- Yes, this is a crap job by many people's standards. But at least I'm lucky enough to have a job.
- Yes, this is my real accent. No, I'm not fucking with you.
- Yes, there is sales tax.
- No, I will not buy you a box of cigarettes.
- No, you may not borrow $5.00.
- No, your refill is not free.


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