Feb. 1st, 2009

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I had a customer accuse me of stealing her wallet on Friday night. I even let her search my bag (nothin' in there but my wallet, bagels, and cream cheese), but that wasn't good enough. She felt she need to phone the police and have them come out to see the video. Only, I don't have the password for the CCTV, so... they took my information, and will be back on Wednesday.


Dear Cuntrag,

I didn't steal your goddamned wallet. You probably don't have anything in there of value to me even if I had. Thanks for telling the cops that I had to have taken it, because I'm the only one there. No, bitch, there were other customers here, so if you dropped it next to your car, one of them may have taken it. Coming back in every fifteen minutes and demanding I hand it over is going to get you nowhere BECAUSE I DON'T HAVE IT. Yes, my wallet is brown. Your wallet is brown? Good for it, but just because they're both brown, doesn't mean mine is yours. I know this is mine, because I was there when I bought it. Three years ago. In Camden Market.

Kindly fuck off,
The Thieving Shop Assistant Who Isn't

What do pregnant vampires wear? )
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Aside from my Walker Legacy, I'm working on a story about Ceòban NicLeod and Jamie Andrews. They're so cute, I had to make icons of them.

1.) Ceòban loves the photo booth. She likes new-fangled thingmies.
2.) The best picture of anyone. Ever. *covets*
3.) Nope, she's not biting him. She is attacking him, however. Heh.


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