Feb. 4th, 2009

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1. Was your first fuck with your first boyfriend? If no, who was it? (relationship-wise, not names :P)
That is actually an interesting and borderline paedophilic story. It's more than you asked, but it's fucking hilarious, so I'm going to tell you.

I was fifteen, and dating a fellow called Jesse, who I had met though a mutual friend. Jesse never wanted me to go to his house when his family were home, but I never gave it much thought, since I didn't really give two shits. One day, I was over there when his mum and brothers were away, and Jesse thought that would be a good time to get the deed done. Being the pervy little shit that I am, I agreed. We took precautions, of course, but when we were done, we had no idea what to do with the condom. Jesse thought it would be a great idea to toss it in the wardrobe and be done with it, since his family were due to be home.

A week or so later, whilst I was talking on the phone to Jesse, his mum picked up the extension and asked if the condom she found in his wardrobe had been used by us. I said yes, because it was obvious she had known anyway, and there would have been no point in lying. The next words she said threw me for a loop, and I didn't know whether to laugh or cry. 'My son is twelve years old,' she said, 'and I would appreciate it if you never came round again.'

Now, in my defence, I didn't know he was twelve. He had told me he was fifteen, and he looked and acted fifteen. He was taller than I was, for fuck sake! It never occurred to me to think he was lying. So, yeah. I lost my virginity to a twelve-year-old when I was fifteen.

Edit, because I realised I didn't actually answer the first part of the question. No, Jesse was not my first boyfriend. He was my first kiss and my first sex (on the same day, heh), but not my first boyfriend.

2. Do you have recurring dreams (or one that recurs), and if so, what is the theme, setting, etc?
I don't have recurring dreams, as such, but certain elements tend to repeat themselves. For instance, if I've gone too long without changing the kitty pans, my subconscious tells me by having me dream of random people coming in to my house to change them. Weird.

Also, I have dreams sometimes where I can glide across any floor as though I were wearing Heelies, but it's under my own power. Other times, my dreams have me flying by way of lifting my arms at my sides and just sort of hanging in the air.

I used to have dreams where all my teeth fell out, so I looked it up. It apparently has something to do with anxiety over the way people perceive me, but I don't know if I believe that.

3. What are your tattoos of and where are they?
I have several, so I shall list them.

- My first one was of a butterfly (I know, but whatever) between my shoulder blades.
- My second one (and third if you count them separately as I do) were the words 'Mörkrets Furstinna' on the outsides of my right and left wrist, respectively. It means 'Princess of Darkness' in Swedish. 'Mörkrets Furste' means 'Prince of Darkness', so I adapted it to fit my genitalia. Hehe.
- My fourth was a blue and white Celtic cross on my right ankle.
- My fifth and sixth were nautical stars on the insides of my wrists.
- My seventh was a random, paisley-ish design on my lower back.
- My eighth and ninth were the words 'RIOT GIRL' on the insides of my right and left forearms, respectively.
- My tenth was a skull with a bow on its head, which is on my left shoulder.
- My eleventh and last (so far) was a butterfly skull on my chest. This pic was taken right after I got it, which was about three years ago.

4. Would you, under any circumstances, get a tattoo of a lover's name on your body? (disregard if you have already described such a tattoo!)
Absolutely not. I don't see relationships as being permanent, but I think tattoos are. Yeah, you can have them removed, but there would still be a scar. I wouldn't want some dumbfuck's name on my body forever.

5. If you had a twin somewhere else on earth, what kind of person would you like to discover he/she is?
Wow. I would hope that he or she would be my polar opposite, if only for the fact that would be perfectly balanced. I thrive on symmetry, and when things aren't perfectly symmetrical, it bothers me. I would want us to be like bookends or mirror-images. The symmetry thing is why all of my tattoos are either centred or on opposite sides of my body. If I ever got my right shoulder done, my left ankle would follow. It stands to reason that would feel the same about my twin. I can't decide if I would want a male twin (for balance), or a female twin (for sameness in appearance).


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