Feb. 24th, 2009


Feb. 24th, 2009 03:28 pm
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Last week, Housemate asked me if I could buy his groceries because he wasn't going to have any money until [yesterday], and he didn't have anything to eat. No worries. Even though he works two jobs ($17/hour at one and $8/hour at the other one, with a shit-tonne of OT) and has little out-go, I said I would help him. So, I bought $120 +/- worth or groceries, the majority of which I won't use, so he could have food. The agreement was that [yesterday], he would return the favour.

He bought one 12-pack of Coke (to share), ten Cup-o-Noodles (for himself), a box of saltines (to share), and a loaf of bread (for himself). This was his idea of returning the favour- buying his own 'groceries'. He now considers us even. This is not right. He thinks that six Cokes and a packet of crackers is even. And he's complaining about having to do that.

If he hadn't intended on actually holding up his end of the agreement, then he shouldn't have made one; I would have given him the money anyway. As it was, he insisted that I allow him to pay me back. If he needed more time, fine. If he really couldn't spare the money, fine. Just admit it. There's no shame in being down in a down economy (even if he isn't- like I said income > out-go).

I guess what I'm saying is, I wonder if you can taxidermy a housemate with cracker crumbs and Coke. I'll use olives for eyes and everything, to continue the food theme. It'll be cute.
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Sarah's post gave me an idea.

I don't like friends cut posts, because they seem to me like people are trying to make other people beg to stay on their flists. And I generally won't delete someone unless they delete me first.


If, for some reason, you would prefer that we weren't friends (I don't comment enough, we don't have enough in common, I abuse commas too much, you hate my face), and you haven't wanted to make the first defriending move, comment here. We can delete each other (after a count of three and a few false starts) and neither of us has to feel like a douche. You don't have to tell me why, just tell me. Unless you want to.

Don't comment asking to stay. This isn't that sort of post. I'm not that sort of person. No one who doesn't leave a comment will be cut, because that is fucking lame.

Comments are screened.


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