Mar. 30th, 2009

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OH MY FUCKING GOD. Of course, comments are disabled. Can't have anyone disagreeing, can we? Although, it would give her more of an excuse to wield the Mighty Banhammer she is so very fond of if someone were to actually call her on her shit in her own community.

Hey, [ profile] kittylair? Shut the fuck up already. I understand you want to have a decent community, but you take it to the extreme. We get it- you love to hear your own voice (see your own words?), and you love to be the 'Moddess' of a large and popular community. But honestly? Get the fuck over yourself. I know it's a long climb, but I'm sure you can make it.

Text under here, in case of ButtHurt Bahleetion 2.0 )

Yes, I know I could leave, but sometimes the posts there are actually worth reading, and I like to post there myself. I just don't understand why it's ruled with such an iron fist. Espcecially since [ profile] kittylair herself is a member of snark comms, and has no problems snarking people. Pot? Meet kettle. You'll get along juuuust fine.

Oh, and- I do agree with the policy on harrassing members. But to make multiple posts about it in the same week is INSANE.


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