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Apr. 27th, 2009 02:03 am
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Stolen from [ profile] issahime.

1. Do you remember your first ever thing you were fannish about as a wee one?
Oh, lord. The first thing I ever fangirled was The Outsiders. I obsessed over Ponyboy Curtis for a large portion of my early teen years. Of course, I had no idea that there was a such thing as Fandom (with a capital F) or fanfiction back then. I shudder to think of what crap I'd have churned out had I known.

2. What fandom was your first (fan fic) reading fandom?
LoTR. My first pairing was Haldir/Legolas.

3. Are you very monofannish or a fickle fannish butterfly?
Eh, more monofannish, I guess. I don't really participate in anything any more, but it seems that I only ever had my hands in one pie at a time.

4. Did you ever feel really fannish and obsessed about a tv show/movie/book, etc. but without having the desire to write/read fan fic?
Yes. I don't really get into TV fandoms, and I won't touch most book fandoms (with the obvious exception of HP) with a ten-foot barge pole.

5. Did you ever have a fandom that was totally ruined for you by canon and/or fandom politics?
Crazy-ass fantards ruined ViggOrli for me.

6. Where were you fannishly in 2003?
I was getting into LotR at that point. I was a late bloomer, speaking fandom-wise. I think it took me about a year (2002-2003) to get into LotRiPS. RPS used to squick the hell out of me, until I discovered The Lure of the Ring. Which, when I look back, is really fucking stupid.

7. Where were you fannishly in 2005?
Still LotRiPping.


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