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Oh, kill me.

Cassandra Cla(i)re's book was on the Recommended table at Borders.
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So, I was reading the Dork Legacy by [ profile] katu, and I liked one of the born-in-game Sims so much, I downloaded him. As it turns out, he makes a damn fine Elvis. The Sim is Bilbo Dork, Generation One heir.

Elvis Pretzel! )

Excuse the low-quality pics- I had my settings turned down a bit.


Apr. 14th, 2009 06:39 pm
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What the blue hell is this all about? Scroll down to the bottom... I don't want to post three separate links to the comments.

Hey, Anon? You're a couple weeks too late if this is meant to be for April Fool's Day. Seriously. And it's not even that funny.
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I don't feel like posting as much lately, but I went ahead and paid for my account so I could expand comments and not waste the icon space Candypants bought for me last year. Hehehe.

So, here's a meme from [ profile] latenightcuppa.

1) Post a list of up to 20 books/movies/anime/TV shows/video games/bands etc. that you've had an obsessive fannish love or interest in at some time in your life.
2) Have your f-list guess your favorite character/member from each item.

1.) Harry Potter [the idea of Scorpius Malfoy, guessed by [ profile] butterfly269200]
2.) The Southern Vampire Mysteries (Sookie Stackhouse novels) [Eric Northman, guessed by [ profile] kittie8571]
3.) The History Boys
4.) The Outsiders [Ponyboy Curtis, guessed by [ profile] kittie8571]
5.) Good Omens
6.) Law & Order (the original)
7.) Dexter [Dexter, guessed by [ profile] butterfly269200]
8.) Stand By Me [Chris Chambers, guessed by [ profile] goldentwinkle]
9.) That 70s Show [Eric Forman, guessed-ish by [ profile] butterfly269200]
10.) The Boondock Saints

I can't, for the life of me, remember twenty things I like.
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So, I watched the first eight episodes of Supernatural last night.

I can't decide if I like it yet, though. I will need to watch the rest of the series to determine whether the cheesiness is endearingly entertaining or off-putting.
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Okay, yes, it's crappy S1.

Okay, yes, it's Rob Pattinson.

Okay, yes, it's lame.

But I am so sick of looking at the damned Tru:Blood fangs, I could cry.

ETA: Okay. I think it really is time to leave [ profile] customers_suck. New mod, and one more asinine rule to follow.
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OH MY FUCKING GOD. Of course, comments are disabled. Can't have anyone disagreeing, can we? Although, it would give her more of an excuse to wield the Mighty Banhammer she is so very fond of if someone were to actually call her on her shit in her own community.

Hey, [ profile] kittylair? Shut the fuck up already. I understand you want to have a decent community, but you take it to the extreme. We get it- you love to hear your own voice (see your own words?), and you love to be the 'Moddess' of a large and popular community. But honestly? Get the fuck over yourself. I know it's a long climb, but I'm sure you can make it.

Text under here, in case of ButtHurt Bahleetion 2.0 )

Yes, I know I could leave, but sometimes the posts there are actually worth reading, and I like to post there myself. I just don't understand why it's ruled with such an iron fist. Espcecially since [ profile] kittylair herself is a member of snark comms, and has no problems snarking people. Pot? Meet kettle. You'll get along juuuust fine.

Oh, and- I do agree with the policy on harrassing members. But to make multiple posts about it in the same week is INSANE.
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Watching this film always makes me feel alive.

LOL, and no, I don't care that much about footy. I just love a good fight.
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I've decided that there are two possible answers for every asinine question a customer asks. And, being the generous human being that I am, I am going to share my thoughts with you.

Q&A With Sonsy )

Give it to me baby! Uh-huh! Uh-huh! )
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I had my hair cut again today, and I dyed it back to black. It looks so unnatural, but hopefully it'll fade to a more subdued shade in a few weeks. It was looking tiger-stripey, and people were starting to comment. :/

Also, Ginny barfed on my bed. And my housemate's rabbit peed on me.

Aaaand! My parents are coming for a visit next weekend. I sort of hate when people spring things like that on me, but whatever. When my mum gets a wild hair up her butt, there's no stopping her. I think we're going gambling. WHEEEEEEE!

So, yep. That's about it.


Mar. 8th, 2009 01:25 pm
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Hell yes, I want an order of those.

To go with my bacon and onion pizza, thx.



Mar. 7th, 2009 11:06 am
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I need a new layout.

Hello, everyone. How are you all today? I am eye-watery and asthmatic.

Also, I FUBAR'd the Walkers. So... I guess that means that I shall be beginning again.
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As seems to be the trend with me lately, I haven't been replying to comments. I just can't think of anything to say. I feel guilty making a new post when I haven't replied to comments on the last two or three. However, it is time for another instalment of....


I smell a meme!
Really? A meme is like... hrm. A meme isn't... damn. I can't explain this one.

You have won an internets!
No. Stop saying this.

I'm 25 but I look 15. It's so gross when men in their thirties try and hit on me!
I'm looking at you, c_s. And, NEWSFLASH! If you're in your goddamned twenties, thirty is not old. You're almost there!

I think I used this word once, like four years ago. I just have an irrational hatred for this word. Even more so if it's written as two words.

/b/tard lingo outside of /b/.
Yeah, we get it. You've discovered 4chan and you need to tell the world how awesome you are. Making over 9000 references to Boxxy makes you look like such a newfag. Ouch. That hurt to type.

Icon Rants.
Most of the rants lately have been about one of the following: people asking for credit for fffound textures, people password-protecting said textures, the textures not being textures at all. Broken record much?

Old sucks.
If you really have to post a c_s or a b_s that happened to you more than three months ago (and even that's pushing it), post it in your own fucking journal. Hanging on to the bad memory of getting the wrong sandwich at Subway five years ago makes you look crazy.

I want to take her oh-so-clever nose-picking icon and throw it under a train. Jesus Christ, I hate that icon. Also, she isn't nearly as lolarious as she thinks she is. Well, she is, but not in a good way.

That does it for this post. I'm sure I'll be annoyed again at some point, so look forward to it.
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The Denver Post printed a small story about Kelly. The police finally released his identity. A detective came in to talk with B yesterday, and see if Kelly had a next-of-kin to notify. He didn't.

Authorities have identified a man whose body was found Monday night on Interstate 70.

Kelly Arvin Reeves, 53, of Lakewood was identified through fingerprints, Wheat Ridge police said Wednesday.

The clean-shaven, neatly attired man did not appear to be homeless, said Lisa Stigall, a Wheat Ridge Police Department spokeswoman. He was not carrying identification.

Reeves' body was found about 7:15 p.m. Monday in the eastbound lanes of I-70 near the Tabor Street overpass, Stigall said. Several motorists called 911 to report a body on the highway.

There were no witnesses as to how the body got there, Stigall said. Investigators aren't sure whether he jumped from the overpass, walked onto the highway or was left there.

Police believe he was hit by at least one car, but he was already likely "down," Stigall said.

No driver stopped or later called police to report hitting Reeves' body, although many people called to report seeing it.


Mar. 3rd, 2009 07:25 pm
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So, my (former) co-worker got splattered on the motorway (link is SFW- no photos). No one knows if it was an accident (he wandered out there in a drunken stupor), or if he committed suicide (he wandered out there in a drunken stupor, only with a purpose). It's so weird, because I spoke with him on Sunday. He hung up on me when I told him B wasn't there, but still. Weird.

I'm not one of those people who believes that the dead should be respected any more than the living, so let me say this: Kelly, you were a lazy, drunken douchebag. B gave you a recommendation for another job, and you were sacked for stealing. You were hard to work with, because you never did your share of anything, and you puked in the bin more times than I care to remember. No one liked you, and I'm not sure you even liked yourself. Here's to hoping you found whatever peace you were looking for.
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I have comments to reply to, and I will, I promise. But first, I need to get this off my chest before I explode.

Dear Customer,

You are not as knowledgeable as you think you are. You come in every day, spouting off random bits of nonsense, and I DON'T CARE. I'm sorry my red t-shirt with the AK-47 on it reminds you of your time spent fighting with the Russians during the Cold War (?). I get that you've done everything there is to do, and know everything there is to know, but all I hear when you speak is HI I'M CLIFF CLAVIN, HURR DURR.

I will commend you on the way you tried to save face when you told me that you were full of je ne sais quoi, and I said that joie de vivre was probably the term you were looking for. I'm glad you can butcher phrases in several languages; I can too! And no, I don't speak French, but I can recognise a string of nonsense words when I hear them. Your sentence, as far as I could tell, amounted to 'no smoking wash your hands black cat'. I guess laughing was the wrong (or right, actually) thing to do, because I've been spared most of your bullshit for the last two days. At least you were creative, I'll give you that. None of that voulez-vous coucher avec moi crap from you. And your face when I said 'Atah rotzeh ugat tapuchim? (would you like some apple cake?') was priceless. Nonsense, in context, but point proven. See, I can mangle languages with the best of 'em. I'm sorry I knew a phrase you didn't, in a language you didn't, and it caused your butt to ache.

PLEASE, go die in a fire. If you don't do it on your own, I may be forced to assist you.
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Sarah's post gave me an idea.

I don't like friends cut posts, because they seem to me like people are trying to make other people beg to stay on their flists. And I generally won't delete someone unless they delete me first.


If, for some reason, you would prefer that we weren't friends (I don't comment enough, we don't have enough in common, I abuse commas too much, you hate my face), and you haven't wanted to make the first defriending move, comment here. We can delete each other (after a count of three and a few false starts) and neither of us has to feel like a douche. You don't have to tell me why, just tell me. Unless you want to.

Don't comment asking to stay. This isn't that sort of post. I'm not that sort of person. No one who doesn't leave a comment will be cut, because that is fucking lame.

Comments are screened.


Feb. 24th, 2009 03:28 pm
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Last week, Housemate asked me if I could buy his groceries because he wasn't going to have any money until [yesterday], and he didn't have anything to eat. No worries. Even though he works two jobs ($17/hour at one and $8/hour at the other one, with a shit-tonne of OT) and has little out-go, I said I would help him. So, I bought $120 +/- worth or groceries, the majority of which I won't use, so he could have food. The agreement was that [yesterday], he would return the favour.

He bought one 12-pack of Coke (to share), ten Cup-o-Noodles (for himself), a box of saltines (to share), and a loaf of bread (for himself). This was his idea of returning the favour- buying his own 'groceries'. He now considers us even. This is not right. He thinks that six Cokes and a packet of crackers is even. And he's complaining about having to do that.

If he hadn't intended on actually holding up his end of the agreement, then he shouldn't have made one; I would have given him the money anyway. As it was, he insisted that I allow him to pay me back. If he needed more time, fine. If he really couldn't spare the money, fine. Just admit it. There's no shame in being down in a down economy (even if he isn't- like I said income > out-go).

I guess what I'm saying is, I wonder if you can taxidermy a housemate with cracker crumbs and Coke. I'll use olives for eyes and everything, to continue the food theme. It'll be cute.


Feb. 23rd, 2009 02:45 pm
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I'm sorry if this makes me seem like a heartless cunt, but I have to wonder if Heath Ledger would have even been up for Oscar consideration had he still been living. I mean, really? The Joker was an Oscar-worthy performance? Did we see the same film? You know, the one about the comic book characters? Just checking.

I'm not saying that he was a bad actor, not at all. Or that he wasn't a good person. I'm just saying I don't think he would have even been nominated if he hadn't have topped himself (which is what it was, accidental or not).

And no, I'm not trying to be ~edgy~ or whatever it is the cool kids are saying these days. I honestly don't get it.

Edit: Mostly to avoid comment copy-pasta. I think I'm jaded because I didn't find the performance 'chilling'. I'm not trying to say that it wasn't for some people. Everyone takes away something different when they watch a film. I think part of my problem with not seeing the awesome creepiness of the whole thing is that I've desensitised myself against fictional violence by seeking out so many images of real violence (if that makes any sort of sense). I just didn't see anything particularly chilling or extra-special with the role. I guess he got really into it, and that's what caused his eventual death? Rumours, bah. I have no idea.

Not back-pedalling, because I still stand by my opinion, but perhaps trying to explain why I feel the way I do. Eh.
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I'm so crap at remembering to post birthdays, so happy birthday to everyone whose birthday is sometime this year. I see all these birthday wishes on my flist, and then I feel like a putz because I didn't post one. Wah, wah, wah. Your birthdays are all about me feeling guilty and not about you having a special day!

(For those new to my flist, I am totally kidding.)

But I have some Sims to post, so here they are. And we have an orphan! )


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