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Cos it's all about me.

Anywho, [ profile] marrymemerry has updated the best AU of all fucking time, ever! Um that would be Fourth Floor, and you can find the latest bit here.

My own 2,800 word fic is coming along slowly. I didn't realise how hard it actually is to write 28 drabbles. It's harder than Elijah Wood in an advanced screening for Troy.


Dec. 21st, 2003 11:51 am
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I was reading a fic, and it made me think of something sort of funny that happened to me a year or so ago. Weird.

I was going to go out with a mate one night, so I went over to his flat. He knew I was coming, and when I'd be there, cos I was talking to him on my mobile as I was driving. When I got there and knocked on his door, no one answered. So I rang him. Nothing. I sat out on the steps for a few minutes, then knocked again. He answered that time, and I went in and sat on his futon thinger. Right in the middle of a big wet patch. He and his boyfriend had been fucking, and I sat in the aftermath of it. That's why he didn't answer the door. Bastard.


Dec. 6th, 2003 01:12 am
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...but it's officially tomorrow, so whatever. Fuck off and dieeee. Or don't. Fuck off and don't die. Don't fuck off and do die. Or don't fuck off and don't die.

The point of this latest post? Ah, yes. Slash recs. A few fics (a couple I'd read, a couple I hadn't) were recently recced to me by [ profile] fearandloathing. The two that I like the best are:

The Wrong to Love You series, by Jenn Abiding


The Dining Experiences series, by Nancy.

Both of these are NC-17. The first is OrliBean, and will bring tears to your eyes, and the second is VigOrliBean. Both will make you need to change your knickers. A few times. Guh.

About the second: Orlando in makeup and a skirt. Getting it up the arse in a public place. Fucking hell yes.

Oh, and today is my ex-boyfriend's birthday. He is 34. He likes getting it up the arse too, but that's neither here nor there.

EDIT: I just remembered that Liam is my ex-boyf now, but it's not he whose sexual habits I was mentioning. It was the bloke previous. Heh. Thought I'd clarify. Liam is neither 34 nor likes getting fucked in the bum. That I'm aware of. I think he's 26 or 27.

Can we tell Sonsy's been knocking back a few? Nah. . .
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I've spent the entire day online. Wow. Not only am I a dork, but I've got no life.

I spent a fair portion of my day sifting through the [ profile] fellow_shippers archives. Oooh, yeah. Found a VigOrliBean to die for. I need to get on my own fics, namely the spit-and-polish of the November Limey!Challenge.

I write the best when I'm a walking ball of sexual energy.
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Monaboyd fans:

Go fucking read this now. Now.

It's a 2-pair-o'knickers kind of fic. NC-17. Hot. Damn. [ profile] marrymemerry rocks my little rainbow socks.

Oh. And I've decided that Angela's ethics teacher would look hot bent over a chair and taking it up the arse. Yeeeeah.

Fic Recs.

Oct. 28th, 2003 09:47 am
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Well, two of my current favourite fics were updated last night. Veryveryexcitingdotcom.

The first was Fourth Floor by [ profile] marrymemerry. You can find all the parts in her LJ, I've just linked to the first. It's AU. I know, I know, I don't like AU, but this is nicely done, and quite funny. Dom's an RA, and Elijah lives in his dorm. That's all I'm saying; you'll have to read the rest yourselves.

The second is See Under: Clue, Getting A. by [ profile] abundantlyqueer. Once again, I've just linked to the first bit, the rest can be found by scrolling through the entries. It's Orlijah at its best, this one is. Really. Go have a shufty.
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I hate writer's block. It sucks more arse than Billy at a bathhouse. Maybe Billy doesn't suck arse at bathouses, but I liked the alliteration. Sort of.

I have three- count 'em three!- fics in the works at present.

1.) [ profile] goodtwin's Elilly Billijah. (started)
2.) The October Limey!Challenge Hallowe'en fic. (started)
3.) A collaboration fic with a certain someone who will remain nameless at this point because, well, it's just better that way. Cos things happened with that one that shouldn't have. And I still feel like Shite on a Stick over it.

Aaaaaaanyho. So yeah. I think maybe if I keep reminding myself (and all of you lot) that the fics need writing, they will get written.

AND! I need to write more of Every (Fan)Girl's Dream, because I have been getting emails requesting me to continue.

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Sonja's reccing an AU?
Yesh, yesh, she is.

Love Like Mayonnaise by [ profile] crazybutsound.


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