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Okay, here are the Sims bloopers that violate the PhotoBucket TOS.

Pixel Bits! OHNOES! )
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I made a Sim to turn into a PlantSim so she could live in the lovely greenhouse I built. But that's not important.

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So, I was reading the Dork Legacy by [ profile] katu, and I liked one of the born-in-game Sims so much, I downloaded him. As it turns out, he makes a damn fine Elvis. The Sim is Bilbo Dork, Generation One heir.

Elvis Pretzel! )

Excuse the low-quality pics- I had my settings turned down a bit.
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I'm so crap at remembering to post birthdays, so happy birthday to everyone whose birthday is sometime this year. I see all these birthday wishes on my flist, and then I feel like a putz because I didn't post one. Wah, wah, wah. Your birthdays are all about me feeling guilty and not about you having a special day!

(For those new to my flist, I am totally kidding.)

But I have some Sims to post, so here they are. And we have an orphan! )
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If you're using dial-up, you may want to avoid this. There are nearly 85 images hiding behind the cut! Oh, and- I forgot to turn my quality settings up, so some of the pics are sort of crappy. Jagged lines and such. When I play, I don't care, but I like to take nice pictures. Maybe.

WARNING: Adult language. As if you had to be warned. Uh-huh.

Ceòban and Jamie )

Yes, I like changing hair. I figured that since Ceòban's a vampire, her hair would grow back rather quickly. She kept getting it shorter and shorter, then longer and longer... heh. So, yeah. There's my latest family. I'm bored of the Walkers, but I'll try to remember to play them this weekend so I can update the legacy.
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WARNING: Contains adult language and questionable parenting.

Life is definitely changing for the better in the Walker home, but will it stay that way, or will things take a turn for the worse?

Dial-up users, please note that there are thirty-one images behind the cut.

1.0 | 1.1 | 1.2

Generation 2.0 )
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WARNING: Contains adult language and censored nudity.

Derek's in love with delicious, melty cheese. Alice is on the verge of packing her bags. Can they get it together long enough to have a kid or two, or should Derek flog his goods elsewhere?

Dial-up users, please note that there are thirty-seven images behind the cut.

Generation 1.2 )
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WARNING: Contains adult language.

Now that he's left Uni, what awaits Derek Walker? True love? Grilled cheese? True love of grilled cheese?

Dial-up users, please note that there are ~fifty 600x400 images behind the cut.

Generation 1.1 )
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WARNING: Contains censored pixelsmut and nudity.

This is my first posted legacy. I usually don't have the patience to play a family beyond two or three generations, so we'll see what happens. Oh, and I'm a dumbfuck who saved the images as gifs rather than jpegs, so you'll have to bear with the slight pixelisation. I'll remember for next time.

There are twenty-seven 600x450 images behind the cut, so if you're on dial-up, you probably may want to go make yourself a cup of tea.

Generation 1.0 )


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