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As seems to be the trend with me lately, I haven't been replying to comments. I just can't think of anything to say. I feel guilty making a new post when I haven't replied to comments on the last two or three. However, it is time for another instalment of....


I smell a meme!
Really? A meme is like... hrm. A meme isn't... damn. I can't explain this one.

You have won an internets!
No. Stop saying this.

I'm 25 but I look 15. It's so gross when men in their thirties try and hit on me!
I'm looking at you, c_s. And, NEWSFLASH! If you're in your goddamned twenties, thirty is not old. You're almost there!

I think I used this word once, like four years ago. I just have an irrational hatred for this word. Even more so if it's written as two words.

/b/tard lingo outside of /b/.
Yeah, we get it. You've discovered 4chan and you need to tell the world how awesome you are. Making over 9000 references to Boxxy makes you look like such a newfag. Ouch. That hurt to type.

Icon Rants.
Most of the rants lately have been about one of the following: people asking for credit for fffound textures, people password-protecting said textures, the textures not being textures at all. Broken record much?

Old sucks.
If you really have to post a c_s or a b_s that happened to you more than three months ago (and even that's pushing it), post it in your own fucking journal. Hanging on to the bad memory of getting the wrong sandwich at Subway five years ago makes you look crazy.

I want to take her oh-so-clever nose-picking icon and throw it under a train. Jesus Christ, I hate that icon. Also, she isn't nearly as lolarious as she thinks she is. Well, she is, but not in a good way.

That does it for this post. I'm sure I'll be annoyed again at some point, so look forward to it.
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My feet are cold, it's snowing, I'm out of cigarettes, and my hair is a gorram disaster. That means it's time for....

Things That Annoy Me!

- People who put 'long time lurker, first time poster!' at the tops of their posts when they're new to a community. Here's a newsflash: NO ONE FUCKING CARES. This is not a phone-in radio programme. Get some new lines, people.

- People who call themselves wenches, monkeys, slaves, ninjas, lackeys, or anything but what they do on [ profile] customers_suck. You are not a Register Monkey, you are a shop assistant or a cashier. You are not a Serving Wench, you are waitstaff. You are not a McSlave, you are a McDonald's employee. Got it? Yeesh.

- The whole 'bb' thing. It's obnoxious. I know some of you use it, and I think I have once or twice, but really? Can we be done with it now?

- People who obsess over Pattinson's lack of personal hygiene. Can't you see he's winding you up? The boy showers, okay? He washes his hair just like everyone else does.

- [ profile] diana_molloy's face. She's got a serious case of Bitch Face in that icon of hers. It's worse than the Real Boys Kiss Boys icon she used to have.

- The hitting and shipping secrets on [ profile] fandomsecrets. WHO FUCKING CARES? NO ONE.

- The fact that people are turning Prop 8 into a fandom thing. Really? Does fandom have to be everywhere? I'm glad you are supportive of gay rights, but leave Harry and Draco the hell out of it. It trivialises the whole thing. That, and guess what? Harry and Draco are not gay. And they are FICTIONAL. They don't give two shits about Prop 8 because they AREN'T REAL.

- Icon makers posting to [ profile] iconrants because people don't credit them for their icons. Get over it, and focus on things that matter. If getting credit for your icons is the most important thing in your life, do us all a favour and top yourself now.
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I'm sort of in a mood, so it's time again for...

Things That Annoy the Shit Out of Me!

- When people say a whole 'nother. It sounds stupid. Stop it.

- When people use 'a' instead of 'an' before a vowel sound. Isn't that something we learnt in primary school not to do?

- Inappropriate apostrophe use.

- The commentary on Cake Wrecks. Just show me the cakes, damnit.

- People who cry SHOOP! on everything that looks just a little weird. Because weird things don't happen in real life, you know!

- Conspiracy theorists.

- When people pronounce 'hundred' as 'hunnerd', 'twenty' as 'twunny', and 'comfortable' as 'comfterble'. Yeah, yeah, accents vary and all. I'm still allowed to be annoyed.

- People who think they are being helpful when they tell me that smoking is bad. Yeah? No shit? I'll let you know when I give a fuck.

- People who, when their purchases total $1.02, take two pennies from the penny cup because they don't want to break a larger coin(!). I hide the pennies on my shift. There are no pennies, you fucks. NO PENNIES. Now give me that fucking quarter and shut the hell up. Need a penny? Take a penny. Need two pennies? Get a fucking job.

- Roland and Patty. Oh, FUCK. I hate Roland and Patty. I know Roland can't help it, but FUCK. I shall explain this someday, when I feel like typing it out.

- People who think it's funny that I say things like 'shall' and 'whilst'. EAT ME.

- People who touch my hair because it's black and shiny. You know what else is going to be black and shiny? YOUR EYE.

- People.
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I hate when people use the word 'anyways'. It's 'anyway'. Saying 'anyways' makes people sound so stupid. It ranks up there with 'expecially' and 'excape'.

[ profile] customers_suck, I'm looking at you.

One More.

Sep. 22nd, 2008 07:55 am
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There is only one way to pronounce Siobhan, and it isn't SHIBONNE. I don't care who you are or how your not-Irish parents say it. Holy fuck, I hate culture appropriation.

Thank you, and good night.
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I really hate the word 'husband'. No, this isn't a fic rant, I just don't like the word in general. HUSBAND. Hate it.


Sep. 5th, 2008 11:06 am
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I've been reading a lot more lately (I've only just now ventured into the postings at the Carnival), and it's gotten me to thinking about my own pet hates. This post was somewhat inspired by Bryoney's most recent post, but not really. It was more inspired about the thing she was posting about.

Also, I mean no offence to any authors on my flist who may do these things, as I do some of them as well (and cringe later). So, if you're offended, that wasn't my intention. I'm just rambling, and anyone who knows me knows that everything I say should be taken with a grain of salt. So, without further ado...

Sonja's List of Things She Doesn't Like )

Wow. That went on longer than I thought. I just didn't want to make a list without explaining myself, so forgive my teal deer. Also, debate is welcomed. I know that not everyone likes what I like and will agree with everything I say. I'm not trying to change your opinions; I'm just expressing my own. Feel free to do so here as well.
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I know some people don't like it when people on their f-lists update multiple times a day. I also sort of don't care as much as I probably should.

Anyway, speaking of pet hates, here are mine of the moment. I'm in a bit of a bad mood (not sure why, really) and every little thing in the world is pissing me the hell off. Here's a list.

Textless icons are not bases.
Ask me if I care. If I were the sort of person, which I'm not, who used other people's 'textless icons', I wouldn't let your little warning stop me. Seriously. What are you going to do?

Follow the fake cut!
I'm sorry, but it isn't truly a 'fake cut' unless you make it look like an LJ cut. Otherwise, it's just a gorram link.

I have lost complete faith in humanity.
Because someone cannot use a self-scan properly? Really? If that's all it takes, well shit.

The 'real boys kiss boys' icon.
Goddamn, I hate that fucking icon. I'm all for males kissing males, but come on. I like the counter to that: the 'real men' icon, but for the life of me, I can't find it.

PHONE: ringringring!
Whoever started that needs to stop it now.

This is my first fic so no flames, pls.
If you suck, I'm going to tell you. Actually, I won't because I don't read fics with that warning. I'll ignore you and hope you go away.

Britney Spears posts on ONTD.
Seriously, how many fucking times do we need to see Britney sitting in her car outside a fucking Rite-Aid? Or holding a Starbucks cup? Or existing?

Fic search, sorry!
Stop apologising for the fucking searches. Just ask for the fucking fic already.

Long time lurker, first time poster!
Yeah? Who fucking cares?

Credit is MANDATORY.
Fuck you, bitch. I credit icon makers out of common courtesy, not because it's mandatory. That shit just makes me want to steal your icon. Or it would, if the icon didn't suck.

I signed up for a specific character, but does the icon have to be of that character?
I saw that somewhere (not those exact words), and I nearly died. My brain melted into goo and ran out my ears. May I have yours? You're not using it.

Just, why?

I know this is OT, but I'm posting it anyway. Mods, feel free to delete!
Are you fucking kidding me? You bloody well know it's OT. And don't fucking tell me to scroll past when I call you out. FUCK OFF. I should not have to scroll past OFF-TOPIC POSTS to get to the ones that are, I don't know, relevant to the topic of the community.

Posting review rants on FFR.
I see this as a way to get people to ask for links to your fic. Just post the damn fic in a fandom community already. Don't plug it on FFR. I should clarify this a bit, actually. Posting funny review rants to FFR is funny. Posting 'OMG they said I suck and I don't understand why!!' rants is really fucking annoying. I see wut u did thar.

And this concludes Sonsy's Pet Annoyances for today. I'm going to play a bit of Rise of Atlantis and go to sleep.
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I hate [ profile] kittylair so fucking much. This killed me:
Stories with an after watershed theme (look it up fellow Yanks) are to be under a cut with warning and a change of filter.

It irritates me to no end when Yanks use 'our' words. I don't know why, but it does. If one is writing fanfiction for a British fandom, it's one thing to include Britishisms (Is that a word? It is now.) in one's text, because the characters are British. When people do it to sound cooler than they are, it pisses me off. 'Ooh, I'm so awesome! I can appropriate another culture so that other people will think I'm awesome too!' GTFO my language.

That's not the only reason I don't like her. I think she's a shitty mod in general. She's one of those mods. You know, kind of like [ profile] kittydoom? She thinks running an LJ community gives her some sort of super power.

And if 'but why is the rum gone?' was only mildly funny when Johnny Depp said it, what the blue fuck makes you think it's funny when you say it? Come on now.


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