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May. 5th, 2009 10:30 pm
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  • 13:01 Taco Bell forgot my quesadilla. Also, I bought a new ugly bag. I may be able to resist Betsey Johnson, but I'm Mark Ecko's bitch. #
  • 13:04 Dom DeLouise is dead? Dude. #
  • 13:05 Oops . No 'o' in DeLuise. Sorreh. #
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Bits & Bobs

May. 4th, 2009 10:30 pm
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  • 23:47 Holy shit, my right eye is swollen almost shut. #
  • 11:28 Off to stimulate the economy. Well, as much as I can at Old Navy, anyway. Also, still looking for a new mobile. #
  • 11:56 My favourite autonomous Sim action is 'be blehed'. I love that shit. Bleh! Bleh! #
  • 11:59 @TomFelton Gorgeous pictures! #
  • 12:21 Okay, I'm really off shopping now. Enough of this internet stuff. #
  • 15:17 @Mattdavelewis Makes up for the tenner you lost on the fight, then. XD #
  • 15:18 I have discovered, whilst shopping, that I am not as fat as I was prepared to be. Also, can resist the temptation of Betsy Johnson. #
  • 15:19 Also, I am an idiot who double tweets. #
  • 15:28 What should I have for dinnah? I'm thinking some Chinese take-away, but perhaps pizza. No one else fecking delivers. #
  • 21:32 Housemate is still sobbing uncontrollably. #
  • 21:34 Seriously though, that is one fucked up film. #
  • 21:34 Excellent, but fucked up. #
  • 22:00 I am naaaaaaked! #
  • 22:04 You totally probably did not want to know that. Also, I am not stoned. #
  • 22:18 - stupidest LJ Secret this week. A broken plastic fork? Pansy. Try a boxknife. Mmmm, bloody. #
  • 22:19 Is 'stupidest' even a word? Screw it; it is now. #
  • 22:28 Okay, perhaps I'm insensitive. But a plastic fork? That's a cry for attention, that is. Anyway, good night. #
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I watched The Boy in the Striped Pajamas with my housemate tonight. It honestly made me sick to my stomach. I can't even begin to describe how the end of the film made me feel. I guess the closest I can come is to say it felt like someone knocked the wind out of me. It was that intense and gut-wrenching.

It takes a lot to get a reaction out of me, but holy shit. I wanted to puke.


May. 4th, 2009 11:54 am
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Well, duh. Losers.

Bits & Bobs

May. 3rd, 2009 10:30 pm
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  • 13:13 @medra_cru With a hacked painting that can turn Sims into vampires, werewolves, PlantSIms, aliens, or zombies. :D #
  • 13:42 Once again, I find myself not wanting to go to work. And my shift today is only three hours. Lazy, I am it. #
  • 13:50 Also, there is someone I want to unfriend on LJ, but I don't have the nerve. Lame? Why, yes. Yes I am. #
  • 13:51 LOL, just realised whilst this person doesn't follow me here, I ship my tweets to my LJ. Not deleting it, though. XD #
  • 13:53 It's ambiguous anyway. #
  • 14:05 @dysonrules Technology: Giving people the power to stick their feet in their mouths faster than ever before! #
  • 18:35 Apparently my phone number is worth a bowl of KB. Who knew? #
  • 18:57 Dear Dreamwidth: How many times, exactly, do I have to confirm my email before you stop asking me to do so? We're at five times now, so... #
  • 19:27 Why is internet bingo so addictive? Anyone? #
  • 20:06 @dysonrules NOOOO! I only have room for the addictions I already have! #
  • 20:18 @dysonrules No, but you can try. Like, I don't do crack. LOL #
  • 20:26 @supportninja Thanks! I'll do that. #
  • 20:37 Bugger! I forgot to do laundry for tomorrow. And I wanna go to bed. WAAAH. #
  • 20:51 @dysonrules People always put so much importance on breathing. I don't get it. #
  • 21:07 - UNF UNF UNF #
  • 21:17 Also? heatherface is a cucking funt. That is all. I bid you all good night. #
  • 21:18 @dysonrules I've had more asthma attacks than I care to remember. My biggest fear is suffocating. #
  • 21:23 @twasadark Some cunning stunt on LJ who mods the badmakeup community. She's one of *those* sorts of mods. #
  • 21:48 @dysonrules Awww. #
  • 21:48 I'm not doing a very good job of going to bed, am I? #
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May. 3rd, 2009 06:56 pm
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Just another journal I may or may not update. You know, if LJ ever goes completely insane.

Find me:
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Okay, here are the Sims bloopers that violate the PhotoBucket TOS.

Pixel Bits! OHNOES! )

Bits & Bobs

May. 2nd, 2009 10:30 pm
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  • 13:14 Too many idiot customers yesterday. I hope stupidity isn't contagious. Day off today, I may do some Sims. #
  • 13:15 @lovestyle Politicians do it. XD #
  • 13:29 @medra_cru I'm going to try for a PlantSim/Alien hybrid thing. #
  • 13:46 I need to upgrade my mobile. I have Sprint, so.... I don' t know. Perhaps a BlackBerry. Huh. #
  • 13:52 Or maybe I'll switch to AT&T. Do any of you have an iPhone? Is it worth it? #
  • 20:18 @medra_cru Two ways- have them garden like mad, or cheat. I prefer to cheat. It's the Slytherin in me. #
  • 20:43 - LOLSIMS. Sort of. Probably lacking the LOL. #
  • 21:35 Why can't I ever get a gorram BINGO??? #
  • 21:57 FINALLY. Got one. #
  • 22:01 @twasadark But I just got one. See, all you have to do is whinge a little. XD #
  • 22:05 Feck this. I'm switching to mahjong. #
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I made a Sim to turn into a PlantSim so she could live in the lovely greenhouse I built. But that's not important.


Bits & Bobs

May. 1st, 2009 10:30 pm
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  • 10:28 I have jumped on the Dreamwidth bandwagon as well. Guess my username! C'mon, guess! #
  • 10:30 @medra_cru I wish they'd shut my shop down. Just, y'know, for today. So I didn't have to go to work. #
  • 10:53 @dysonrules YES! XD #
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  • 23:00 Can't. Fecking. Sleep. #
  • 00:51 I have to be up at 5, and I can't seem to fall asleep. This sucks. #
  • 01:00 Okay, good night for real this time. #
  • 13:22 Operation Do the Coors Guy is cancelled. Operation AWKWARD is a go! #
  • 13:28 @twasadark Damn, that sucks. I wonder how long it'll be before Denver gets one. Still, I won't give in to paranoia. Not yet! #
  • 13:32 @medra_cru PFFFFT. Ice cream may not be good for the hips, but it's good for the soul. And my soul is crying out for some Cherry Garcia. #
  • 13:45 So, off to play some Sims. Haven'y done in awhile. ALSO: I am freezing. #
  • 13:45 LOL typo. #
  • 16:35 @twasadark - Failed Operation. He took the order and left. :( Usually we talk for ages. #
  • 16:40 I am so bored of Sims right now. I tried playing, but I guess I'm not in the mood. Which sucks, because now I've nowt else to do. WAH. #
  • 19:36 Housemate has gov't cereal. I am concerned. #
  • 19:38 @medra_cru IDK, IDK. #
  • 19:40 @medra_cru I haven't tried Java Chip. I'm not much for hard bits in my ice cream. Cherry Garcia is the only exception to this rule (so far). #
  • 21:07 OMFG I hate Fall Out Boy. #
  • 21:10 Aaaaaand, I'm going to finish my book and go to bed. Starving. Can't be arsed to make food. #
  • 21:21 @twasadark LMAO. Hotties, pssh. #
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Stolen from [ profile] medraxellion.

Go to, type in your answer to each question in the search box, then write the definition it gives you.

1.) Your name.
A beautiful, sexy, bootylicious female. She is worshipped by many & has been the cause of many huge cult followings in the early 1990's. Sonja's usually keep a low profile, so consider it a rare and special event to be blessed by her presence.

It's a Sonja day, I'm gonna buy myself a lotto ticket!

That ass is perfect, just like Sonja.

2.) Your age.
The age at which most women stop aging (or so they say!).

When I turn 29, I'll be the age I'm going to be for the rest of my life.

A child asks his grandma, "How old are you?"
Her reply, "29."

3.) One of your friends' names.
[V]ery nice person, warm and welcoming.

[E]veryone wanted to hang around Jonathan at the party.

4.) Your middle name.
Completely amazing, in all ways, shapes and forms.
Also known as absolutely stunning.

Fredrick Von Godrick: WOW. Did you see that girl?
Duderob: Well, she wasn't nearly a Kirsten.

5.) Your favourite colour.
Orange (this week).
The colour which vain assholes turn after a session in the tanning salon; Often confused with Hepatitis.

"Hey, nice tan... in the middle of winter, you sick fucking pumpkin monster."

6.) Your hometown.
Stoke-on-Trent (for the first seven months of my life).
City in central England that is home to the most violent and hardened football fans in the country. Everyone that comes to Stoke should cower in fear. Officially the worst city in England and in the worst county Staffordshire. Anyone who doesn't like the place can fuck off back up their arseholes where they crawled out of and give up on being a stuck up cunt. Oh Stoke-On-Trent, is wonderful, Oh Stoke-On-Trent is WONDERFUL.
P.S. And its home to the Staffordshire Oatcake!!!! The most delightful snack available!!!!

'Ay up Duck'

'Fancy an Oatcake?'

'Aye Duck'

7.) Your birth month.
A month when mostly the hottest girls are born.

That girls so hot she must be born in July.

8.) The last person you spoke with on the phone.
My mum.
A word [A]mericans don't know how to spell.

Also townies use the phrase 'your mum' as an insult.

me: fuck off
Townie: your mum

9.) One of your pets' names.
Mispelling of guinea, derogatory slang for Italian.

"Go 'head, now I'll kill you. You guinea brat you."
- Carlo in The Godfather

10.) Your job.
Assistant Manager.
[O]ne who does all the crap other people won't and listens to all the bitchin from both sides.

The assistant manager will do it.
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Matt Lewis has the most adorable Tweets ever.

Okay, okay. I'm over it.
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  • 09:34 I do not want to go to work today. I want to stay home and play Sims. #
  • 09:37 - creepy shoop! #
  • 09:58 Right, then. Off to work. *grumbles* #
  • 17:03 Redid all the spreadsheets @ work today. My eyes may be permanently crossed. #
  • 18:02 Stay classy, TMZ. #
  • 18:07 @medra_cru I feel that way most of the time. :( #
  • 20:02 @medra_cru To annoy the shit out of people like us. XD #
  • 20:09 Holy. Shit. #
  • 20:24 When did stupid_ljsecret go to moderated posting? I should pay more attention to these things. #
  • 20:35 Well, at least they approved my post rather quickly. I was worried for a second I'd posted it to some other random community. #
  • 20:46 Ah, off to Bedfordshire. Early day tomorrow. #
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Apr. 29th, 2009 08:42 pm
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I may never update my LJ again!* I think I'll just spam you on Twitter now.

*This is false.
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  • 22:57 @dysonrules How... OMFG. Jaffa Cakes are little bits of orangey-chocolatey-cakey delight. I'm in withdrawals. #
  • 10:05 Goddamn, Jamie Foxx is fuck ugly. #
  • 16:41 Inventory day at work today. CHAOS! #
  • 17:55 Hey Xina.. LJ wouldn't let me reply to a screened comment. Yes, I will be here awhile. :D #
  • 18:03 - LOLWUT. #
  • 18:20 @medra_cru The pic of Mr Monaghan? It's from ljsecret. Someone has ~*powers*~. #
  • 18:32 Following celebs on here makes me feel a wee bit stalkerish. I'm oddly okay with that. Huh. #
  • 19:24 Bleh, I'm going to bed. #
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  • 02:20 I just wanted to say SWINE FLU. It seems to be all the rage. #
  • 11:36 Jesus Christ, I am so done with snow. #
  • 12:16 I'm reading Fevre Dream, and I'm not sure if I like the author's vamp mythology. #
  • 12:17 Oh hey does The Pattinson have a Twitter? #
  • 13:02 - I hate stupid people. #
  • 19:03 I am freaking starving. #
  • 19:13 Okay, I will no longer be starving in 45 minutes, Papa John's FTW. I love this Twitter thing. #
  • 21:36 (Specific) you are insane. How did I not see this before? #
  • 21:38 @dysonrules I'll be your minion. For a box of Jaffa Cakes. That was the offer I made to blamebramption anyway. XD #
  • 21:59 Also, doing research for a novel is HARD. People think you're weird if you want to know about the morgue. #
  • 22:01 @twasadark Mine love to bother me whilst I'm sleeping. They don't understand that I DO NOT WANT TO PET THEM 24/7. <3 them, but OI. #
  • 22:05 @lovestyle No way. You never know what sort of nutter you'll end up with. #
  • 22:57 @dysonrules How... OMFG. Jaffa Cakes are little bits of orangey-chocolatey-cakey delight. I'm in withdrawals. #
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So, I'm finally putting my Twitter to use.

Instead of posting >9k entries here, I'm gonna start the Tweet thing. Yay.

Follow me, I guess, if you're bored. It's... wait for it... seethingheathen.

Fan Meme

Apr. 27th, 2009 02:03 am
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Stolen from [ profile] issahime.

1. Do you remember your first ever thing you were fannish about as a wee one?
Oh, lord. The first thing I ever fangirled was The Outsiders. I obsessed over Ponyboy Curtis for a large portion of my early teen years. Of course, I had no idea that there was a such thing as Fandom (with a capital F) or fanfiction back then. I shudder to think of what crap I'd have churned out had I known.

2. What fandom was your first (fan fic) reading fandom?
LoTR. My first pairing was Haldir/Legolas.

3. Are you very monofannish or a fickle fannish butterfly?
Eh, more monofannish, I guess. I don't really participate in anything any more, but it seems that I only ever had my hands in one pie at a time.

4. Did you ever feel really fannish and obsessed about a tv show/movie/book, etc. but without having the desire to write/read fan fic?
Yes. I don't really get into TV fandoms, and I won't touch most book fandoms (with the obvious exception of HP) with a ten-foot barge pole.

5. Did you ever have a fandom that was totally ruined for you by canon and/or fandom politics?
Crazy-ass fantards ruined ViggOrli for me.

6. Where were you fannishly in 2003?
I was getting into LotR at that point. I was a late bloomer, speaking fandom-wise. I think it took me about a year (2002-2003) to get into LotRiPS. RPS used to squick the hell out of me, until I discovered The Lure of the Ring. Which, when I look back, is really fucking stupid.

7. Where were you fannishly in 2005?
Still LotRiPping.


Apr. 25th, 2009 04:31 pm
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